Welcome to Covalence™ your Communication Platform and tools for all your businesses

DocBis’ Covalence™ is a secure and private Communication Platform for booking and client management. If you are a professional struggling with poor communication with your clients or having difficulty managing your appointments, then this is for you. Use just one system for all your businesses and staff. Including clients and visit management modules and much more...
For all your private clients, one app allows them to book appointments easily and communicate private instant messages with any of your practices.

Covalence™ features

Online and Mobile Communication Platform
Medical Clinics
  • Increase productivity without increasing cost by automating your appointment booking system
  • Link your website to enable easy online booking
  • Opt for one convenient access point to all your practices and patients
  • Notify your patients about any changes you make to your practices by private messaging
  • Present your availabilities anytime and manage your own emergencies
  • Communicate instantly and privately with your patients
  • Use our automated overbooking tool that fills your daily schedule adequately
  • Customize your own parameters according to the amount of time you allot per visit purpose; publish your specialities and policies
  • Automate your notifications, registration, visits management and much more...
All professionals
  • No need for your clients to wait until the office opens or deal with busy phone lines
  • No need to build your own website and advertise
  • List your practices on Covalence and get free advertising
  • Increase your clientele without extra cost with Covalence geo-located search engine
  • Automated alerts by notifications and emails
  • Automated synchronization on all your devices and a link to your favorite calendar(gmail, outlook, etc)
  • Communicate with integrated instant and private messages with all your clients
  • Never overlap or miss an appointment
  • Covalence is available online and offline on your phone
  • Add an online public, personalized and secure booking system to your existing website
  • Customize Covalence to your brand
  • Integrate your existing back-end management systems with Covalence's
  • Incorporate Covalence communications tools within your organization
  • Integrate Covalence booking to your existing Catalog of personnel that is already on your web site
  • Customize and build new features on top of Covalence
  • One App and one single access point for every member of your professionals and their clients
  • Build your ideal App on top of covalence system and infrastructure
  • Benefit from our existing features, services and expertise
  • For employment services agencies financed by le Gouvernement du Québec, please visit www.dossieremploi.com
  • If you are a sport club or an private group then, start customer loyalty by using Covalence private and "by subscription" module
  • Add online private, personalized and secure account management and appointment booking to your existing website
  • Customize and add your own specifics and business oriented features to Covalence
  • Customize the Covalence App to your brand
  • Receive online booking, alerts, messaging, event management and billing are all at the tip of your fingers
  • Bring together your group members in Covalence and you will be surprised how much you will gain in time and money
  • Have all online booking services delivered privately to your members
  • Automated alerts by phone notifications and emails

Watch setup for Users

This video will show users how to search for their professionals, subscribe and book appointments.

Watch Setup for Professionals

The following video will show professionals how to setup their practices and book appointments with their clients.

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DocBis inc. is a Montreal based IT solution provider that focuses on the development and commercialization of an innovative Automated and Integrated Private Communication Platform for patients to use with their Clinics and more: Covalence™
DocBis’ Covalence uses various technologies known in the banking and security industries along with extensive trade secrets, expertise and unique know-how in high technology. These technologies and novel approaches are used as part of our solution to promote the exclusivity of DocBis’ Covalence™ in the Medical industry. DocBis is AMF Certified

Make users happy

We believe it is possible to make patients and their Medical Care providers happy by providing them with an efficient communication platform. Most of the time patients are lost with many paper notes, emails and various static calendars on outlook, mobile or kitchen wall. No unique and easy tool exists to hold accurate information about appointments, follow-ups or questions to ask. Many Medical Care providers can't keep track of their clients' needs because they can’t reach them. Covalence™ creates an instant link between care providers and clients to improve overall communication, therefore practice efficiency and clients time management. Your time is important to us.

The highest quality product

We take pride in delivering this unique solution that is based on our experiences as clients starving for better communication means to manage efficiently our daily lives. Clinics and Clients, this product will help you make better decisions and better organize your live and those of your loved ones. We intend to offer you multiple access points to Covalence™.Therefore try it now on your iPad, iPhone and iPod or directly here. Our mission is to deliver the best and the most efficient tool for your daily use, so you can gain better control over what matters most to you.


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